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Energy Efficient Solar Energy Technology

These tough economic are causing people to find any possible way to save money. Solar technology is one of those ways. Not only does solar technology save you thousands of dollars and increase the value of your home, it is also a renewable resource that can heat, cool and power your home or business for a much lower price.

Solar power energy harnesses energy from the sun by heat engines and photovoltaics. Active or passive solar depending upon the way they convert, harness, and use sunlight and heat is solar technology. Active solar depends on photovoltaic panels, fans, and pumps that convert the sun’s energy into effective outputs. Passive solar uses different architectural features to capture and distribute sunlight.

Solar energy techniques help offset a huge portion of the energy used to heat, cool and ventilate commercial and residential buildings. Solar chimneys are used to heat homes using solar energy. It is a simple ventilation system made from a vertical tunnel that connects the inside and outside of a building. Using an updraft, the chimney heats the air and pulls it through the building. Deciduous trees and plants can also be used to cool and heat your home. These trees planted on the southern side of a building provide cool shade during summer months. Scheffler reflectors and parabolic dishes are solar concentrating technologies that can heat industrial and commercial buildings.

Solar energy technologies can be used in countless ways to help your life. is a more affordable and earth-friendly way to harness energy and will continue to save you money over the years.

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