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Save Money With Residential Solar

Own your electricity ROI in 4-5 years

Serving All of Southern CA

Advantages of switching to solar:

  • BDS Solar offers a free In Home Energy Audit to review your electricity savings (with one goal, to zero out your electric bill)
  • Solar Locks In your electric rates for 25 years
  • ROI can be 4-5 years with Solar
  • BDS uses only top tier panels from Solar World, or you can choose your own product or company.
  • Electric rates go up on average 6% per year and don’t miss out on the 30% Federal Tax Rebates.
  • We also offer zero down loan options

How much does it cost?

Each home is unique. We will come to your house and give you a FREE evaluation without a commitment. Note that you can save 30% off of the entire cost of the solar system with a federal tax credit. Take advantage of the federal tax credit before it expires.

How can I get started?
BDS Solar is known for its honesty, quality service, and dependability. We offer the best values and will meet or beat anyone’s price. We proudly serve California residents.

 At BDS Solar, we offer attractive financing packages, with easy qualifying loans and 4 -5 years R.O.I.

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