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Solar Incentives & Rebates

For every $1000 you save, you’re adding $20,000 of value to your home.

As the demand for solar increases the California Solar Rebates are dropping. These rebate drops can happen at any time because of available funds. The sooner you convert to solar energy, the higher the rebate. The longer you wait to go solar the more expensive it will become.
With California Solar rebates, the sooner you go solar, the more money you’ll save! Utility companies (SCE – Southern California Edison & LADWP – Los Angeles Department of Water & Power) are offering thousands of dollars worth of solar rebates BUT rebates are beginning to drop as demand increases. Acting now gives you the greatest savings. This is THE BEST time to go solar!
Get a 30% tax credit from the IRS.  February 2009 was the beginning of the new Stimulus Bill. Homeowners switching to solar get a tax credit worth 30% of the total cost of the system. That could be thousands of dollars back, making the tax incentives and solar rebate programs better than ever!


Increase your home’s value without increasing property tax

  • Californian homeowners with cleaner, greener energy are being given a property tax break for solar installations. This increases your home’s value while maintaining the same property tax.
  • To learn more about rebates offered in California, visit DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy)

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