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Commercial Solar Qualifications

Commercial Solar
Serving All of Southern CA!
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BDS Solar, Inc. Commercial allows your business to produce clean solar electricity that will last for years. We install photovoltaic panels (PV) to your commercial or industrial property, as well as carports and/or ground mounts. We have the knowledge, manpower, and expertise to tackle all projects, while maintaining our primary goal of ensuring your business will save money; converting from a variable expense to a fixed expense, benefit from a substantial return on investment, and increase in property value.

In addition to financial savings, there are also a multitude of environmental benefits to converting to solar energy.

  • Enhancing your brand by showing your environmental stewardship.
  • Impressing customer base by promoting renewable, sustainable clean energy.
  • Reducing your business’ carbon footprint.
1. With solar photovoltaic panels (PV), which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) power, your commercial property and/or office building, will become that much more valuable. YOU CAN OBSERVE ROI IN AS LITTLE AS 3 TO 4 YEARS:
  • Solar Locks in your electric rates for the next 25 years.
  • Economic benefit- Offset and reduces current utility bills and adds value to your property.
  • Environmental benefit: Reduce your building’s carbon footprint.
2.   In order to establish suitability, we’ll conduct a simple phone interview, which will permit us to better recognize your basic solar needs:
  • Do you own the office building and can use the tax right off?
  • Are there any issues with roofing? We could preview your commercial property free of charge.
  • BDS Solar requires a copy of your electric utility bills to appropriately provide you with an estimate.

3.   Next we’ll come out and perform a site energy evaluation that includes the following:

  • We’ll obtain measurement including solar for shading.
  • We’ll take photographs of installation/design variables, such as, position of breaker panel, roofing, weight issues, etc.
  • We’ll conduct a more in-depth interview with you including collecting copies of utility bills and building plans in order for us to custom design a solar system to best meet your needs and/or requirements. If need be, we can do carport structures and ground mount systems.

4.  You can build a credit of energy if your solar system produces more energy than you use; such as net metering, a program that gives you credit for excess electricity and essentially spins your meter backwards.

5.  If your solar system is a self-financed transaction with a Power Purchase Agreement, we’ll collaborate with you to consult, structure, and implement documents relating to the ownership entity that will be a part of the proposal.

6.  After the proposal has been accepted, we’ll order materials and begin scheduling construction and installation of your solar system.

  • Place purchase order with solar distribution vendors for materials
  • Submit plans for permitting to your local city and/or agency.
  • Arrange installation and inspections
  • Schedule final commissioning and signoffs from county and utility company
  • Support with filing of all documents related to federal, state, and local incentives, as needed.

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